Introducing The Faithful Entrepreneur

Hey everyone!! So, I am totally new at this blogging thing but I think you’ll enjoy what I have to share. Welcome to our new monthly blog post to discuss everything from tapping into your gifts, choosing faith over fear, event recaps and much more. Let’s dive right in. This blog was inspired by a recent luncheon and empowerment event for Christians in business. I thought I’d share some of the takeaways that I think might encourage you.

Often we do not tap into our spiritual gifts like we should or make use of the other resources available to us. Monique Jackson, holistic executive coach, CEO of Self Revolution LLC (, and a featured guest speaker for the event, shared 3 resources that she recommends we make more use of.

1) Prayer and the expectancy of prayer. She encourages us to pray in confidence. Let’s not continue to kneel in prayer and get up still feeling distressed and defeated. Trust me, I know you’ve done it before because I’ve struggled with that myself.

2) Using our mind as a creative tool. You are a unique individual and that is such an asset. Tap into your ideas and make them happen. Focus on positive thoughts and speak things into existence. God is able and you are capable.

3) Leveraging your body. Get active. Laziness and idleness will get you nowhere.

We also had the pleasure of hearing from Lauren Wilson aka Coach Elae ( who shared with us how important it is to know the difference between quality vs quantity in our network. She challenges us to consider this question: Are you surrounding yourself with people that can help you get to the next level? Well, are you? Do your friends really bring value to your life? We are not saying dismiss all of your other friends, but it is necessary to be mindful of the company you keep. We all need coaches, mentors, and genuine supporters that can help us, especially on this entrepreneurial journey. If you are not adding people like that to your circle, then you are only hurting yourself.

As you go through this week, recognize the importance of standing in your power and motivating yourself. Here are a few of the affirmations Coach Elae shared. I hope that they bless your life.

“Anything is possible and nothing is too hard.”

“I am an example of what is possible.”

"I now provide a service or product many people benefit from, and I now benefit greatly in the process."

“I am now a powerful money magnet. Continuous abundance flows into my life in many miraculous ways for my own discretionary use.”

"I now own and retain for my own personal use" _____________

FILL IN THE BLANK with YOUR desires. Be specific in your request.

Last, but not least, and my personal FAVORITE,

“I do what it takes to create the life I desire without hesitation!!!”

I pray that you are encouraged to chase your dreams. I pray that you will remove all negativity from your life. I pray that you will trust in God and know that He can and will provide. His plan for you is greater than you can imagine. I can’t wait to chat with you again soon.

Standing in Power,

The Faithful Entrepreneur

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