No More Chicken!

Have all of your friends turned their back on meat? Some of mine have, but I'm currently enjoying hot lemon pepper wings. Those are life! If you choose to go Vegan though, I salute your dedication to a lifestyle change. That type of commitment actually ties into the REAL point of this post. YOU are the chicken that we need to talk about. Have you let complacency settle in in your personal, professional, physical or spiritual life? Why are you settling for less than you deserve? If you are allowing life to pass you by than you my friend are a chicken. You're a "scaredy-cat." You've let FEAR come in and take control of your life. Today is the day you decide that greater is available to you!

In your personal life, have you allowed heartbreak and betrayal to prevent you from accepting date offers? Don't be a victim to your past experiences. Use your alone time to learn who you are and what your expectations are for the next relationship. Do not close the door on the idea altogether. If you're stuck in an unhealthy relationship, and fear that nobody else will love you, I PROMISE THAT IS THE BIGGEST LIE EVER. Your comeback will be amazing.

Professionally, are you tired of not getting a seat at the table? Be vocal! Do the research you need to. Be eager to learn. Get that meeting with the executive. Find a mentor or coach that will hold you accountable and push you to open your mind to the possibilities that await you. For all my ladies and minorities, you deserve the executive position and the increase in pay! Our fight isn't over.

Tired of that bulge? Well then get to the gym or find another physical activity that you enjoy to keep you active. Consider your diet and eating habits. You may decide that being a Vegan is too drastic (I agree lol), but I recommend portion control and cutting back on sweets (I struggle with this one).

Spiritually, I know it can be difficult too. You can get complacent with your walk with God. Hey, I've got a job, roof over my head, go to church consistently, do a little charity work every now & then. I'm good, right? Have you truly built an intimacy with God though? Do you talk to him daily or only when it's convenient for you (usually when you need something)? Honestly, this is my current struggle. We can get past this together. You could also be the type of person that is scared to walk with God because you feel you will be criticized by others. Like I said, don't be a chicken! One of my favorite scriptures and daily reminders is; "For God hath not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." <2 Timothy 1:7>. God has opened doors in my life that I could've never dreamed. Trust me, God is the best member to have on your team.

Okay, this post is getting a little long so here's my final remarks: You're here for a purpose. Keep going. There's no room for mediocrity on your journey. You only have one shot at this thing called LIFE. As always, remember to choose FAITH over FEAR.

The Faithful Entrepreneur

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