The Glo Up

Glow up= An incredible transformation.

What does it mean to transform? Transformation requires change. One could make a lifestyle change, alter their appearance, or even change from within. We support growth and transformation because it leads to elevation. Some transformation comes at the result of heartache, betrayal and abandonment, but even this growth should not be frowned upon. It should motivate us. We hosted the Glo Up event to promote inner and outer transformation.

We know that outer beauty and appearance is constantly a topic in the media. We discuss the latest fashion & beauty trends and even debate about who looks better or who wore a certain outfit better. It's honestly very superficial and pointless. With all this talk on what's going on on the outside, we decided to focus on inner beauty first. Positive reinforcement is so important!! Every lady at the Glo Up shared their strengths and accomplishments to the group. We met survivors of domestic violence, survivors of alcohol abuse, those that have dealt with death of close family members, and those that chose to overcome insecurities about their weight. It was truly inspiring to hear these stories of victory. We all have baggage and struggles, but we must learn to celebrate our success and victories. Be willing to leave baggage behind when it will hinder your growth. Be willing to walk away from those unhealthy relationships. Be willing to take back control of your life. After vocalizing our personal positive attributes, we then poured affirmation and compliments onto each other in the form of a personalized note. This activity was something I truly recommend you try at home, school and/or work. It is necessary for us to learn to speak life into each other, pray for each other, and love on each other. You never know how much your kind words can impact someone.

We wholeheartedly believe that dressing up is not only fun, but also makes you feel good. We also know that financially everyone cannot afford to shop as they might like . We believe in "styling on a budget." Our Stylishly Giving efforts kicked in in full throttle. We closed out the Glo Up with some fashion tips from fashion influencer, blogger and thrifter, Brucee aka OhhYeaHer. With the help of some donated clothing items and accessories, each lady was able to put something together for our runway experience. See Photos Below. The ladies looked and felt fabulous and that made fighting the rain completely worth it.

As you head into a new day, we challenge you to accentuate the positive things in your life. Yes, you will fall but always get back up. Celebrate the unique individual you were created to be and walk in that power proudly. Chase your purpose passionately. Do good for others. Be stylish while you're crushing your goals and changing lives. Here are some thought provoking questions for you to answer:

What do I like about who I am?

What have I achieved in my life?

What are some challenges that I have overcome?

What do others like about me?

Feel free to journal your responses, and you can even share them with us.

We want to thank Shauna over at for donating gift bags, our thriftinista Brucee (@ohhyeaher), and our guest emcee Kiya (iamkiyamarie) of Chix Who Vibe for supporting this event. We thank the ladies that attended. We also thank you for taking the time to read this post. Please share with others. Together we are unstoppable.

Until Next Time

The Faithful Entrepreneur

"Stylishly Giving for the Gracefully Living"

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