Conditional Service

So I"m sipping on some hot cocoa when something hit me. It honestly caused me to check myself. I promote love and doing for others all the time, but is this act of kindness conditional? I have to admit that yes, my service sometimes has its limits. Sure I've donated money to charities, fed the homeless, visited the elderly, but I've also looked at some people and thought, nah I'm not helping you. How dare I judge who needs help vs who doesn't? Admit it. You've done it before too. Maybe you saw a homeless man and gave him $20 and a meal, but when your family member needed a place to stay you turned the other way. Trust me, I know this story all too well. Quite frankly, I think it is something we all struggle with in one way or another. This post isn't to make you feel bad, but it is to make you mindful.

I remember the story of Jesus washing Judas's feet. Yes, the same Judas that would and did betray Him. Yet, he still showed him love and compassion. Washing someone's feet is definitely an act of humility and an example of love in action. Love is so much more than a feeling. Can you truly serve others and love others that have betrayed you? Most of the time we struggle to just forgive them. Surely we can't imagine helping them. In this season of giving, however, I hope that you will try. Forgive someone that never said sorry. Love someone that is filled with hate. Give to someone that could never repay you. (Don't hold it over their head either). Serve, not grudgingly but cheerfully. Love unconditionally. Be a light in this dark world. It isn't about the other person. It's about you. No need to wait on new years' resolutions. We'll try this thing together starting now. Deal? Deal!

"If anyone says, "I love God," but hates his brother, he is a liar; for whoever does not love a brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen."

1 John 4:20

Happy Holidays!

The Faithful Entrepreneur

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