Survivor Feature: Meet Dana "Truly Inspired" Martin

According to the CDC, 1 in 4 women will experience violence from an intimate partner. The impact of domestic violence trauma can lead to eating disorders, depression, homicide, suicide and more. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US based on statistics provided by the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention. Our next Survivor feature conquered both domestic violence and suicide attempts proving that 1) God wasn't finished writing her story and 2) her story needed to be heard.

Who is She?:

Dana “Truly Inspired” Martin, also known as the “Millennial Reset Coach”, currently lives in the Atlanta Metropolitan area. She is a captivating, real and raw international speaker and host that teaches all things emotional intelligence and resilience in your personal and professional life. Dana is an author, certified life coach, and HR Consultant. She is also the founder of a 501c3, nonprofit organization, "Spoken 4 Causes". She is a philanthropist and an award-winning entrepreneur.

As a native of New Jersey; she hopes to be able to go back to her old neighborhoods and help the young ladies like her find their way out of the darkness as well. She is a true inspiration and leader in aiding young girls and women in the community. Dana is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Business Management/Entrepreneurship and will soon be working towards a certification to aide with helping the domestic violence population.

Dana believes in the purpose within a woman and believes women just need direction towards the right path to be able to walk in it. As a professional speaker for 5+ years and entrepreneur she has received many accolades and awards; such as 2018 "Young Entrepreneur of the year" by Canada's Woman on Fire Organization and Awards, nominated 3 years in a row for Orator of the year, nominated for Motivational speaker and women’s advocate of the year, woman of Purpose, and mentor of the year. She has been honored for her contributions to the community and to women by Powerhouse Connect and has also received a certificate of advocacy for her dedication to reverse diabetes by Heeling Diabetes LLC. Dana has also received recognition from Dekalb County and Atlanta Public Schools for her dedication to our youth. She has been featured in VEU Magazine, Rolling Out, HBCU since, Voyage ATL, FOX, NBC, Bloomingdales, STS Publications, Jamaica Observer, BE100 RADIO, Michael & Joi Morning show; among many others.

She believes we are all given a reset button—a chance to be greater today than we were yesterday. She helps women globally to live life real, raw, and relentless.

Often times there's shame and guilt attached to our stories. Dana "Truly Inspired" had this to say about how to overcome that.

Whew! I can definitely tell you about guilt and shame when it comes to my past. I talk a lot about that in my book "Recrown You". I have done some things that I was not proud of and things that were done to me that I swore I would never speak of. But there was something eating me alive for years of my life. It was almost like I was cheating on myself with my other self. I felt like I couldn't live real and truly make people understand why I was the way I was or did the things I did. One day something interesting happened. I was speaking to some teenagers girls and I "accidentally" let it all out.

I told them so many things about my past that I have never released to anyone else and that day it changed. It not only changed because I verbalized it, but it changed because I took authority over what those things seemed to have over me. That day those girls came crying to me, not because they necessarily felt bad for me, but because they could relate and they needed someone to be real with them, so they could share their truth. I am saying all this to say, overcoming the guilt and shame of past situations no longer holds weight over you when you realize just how important your transparency could be to the lifeline of someone else. Be free and bold in who you are. No matter how good, bad, or ugly; it matters.

What has been the biggest lesson in all of this?

One of the biggest lessons I have learned in life is the internal power of releasing my past. I never quite understood why it felt like I had constant repeat cycles in my life. Many times it felt like I was at a new level in life, but I had the same issues resurfacing. Whether is was something with the relationships I had with men or the friendships I had with women; everything was connected. I had to get to a point in my life where I realized the patterns wouldn't stop unless I took true accountability for what was going on and really tap into the core of my hurt and pain from the past. It's hard to let your past go when most don't even know what that thing is that "broke them" in the first place. I had to learn that there was a journey I had to take that would be conducive to my overall growth as a woman.

Share some advice for readers that may be in a similar situation?

I would tell someone who is facing a struggle with forgiveness or inability to move on due to traumas in their lives, (whether you're like me, raped at a young age, in 2 domestic violence relationships, daddy issues, or whatever it may be for you) to take the time to deal with you and peel back the layers of your hurt at the core. There are many times we have lacked in many areas of our lives from the workplace to our relationships and sometimes we don't quite see the correlation. I advise you to take some time to write out things you've dealt with and how it made you feel, talk it out with a counselor if needed, or utilize self-assessing methods to see and understand your triggers on a foundational level.

What is your favorite quote/affirmation and why?

I have so many quotes that I love and hold dear, but I have one that speaks volumes in my mind to where I see women walking boldly towards. The quote says: "The thing women have yet to learn is that nobody gives you power. You just take it." - Roseanne Barr

I teach women so often about their power. Your power is not necessarily in the way you assert yourself, but it's the posture you take on mentally, emotionally, and physically. Your power is choosing to walk fearlessly and unapologetically into your greater even when your past would or could say otherwise.

How can readers connect with you?

I would love to work with anyone reading this and would love to help take them to new heights within that they never knew existed. If you are ready to take your journey and/or come along on mine, visit my website at: or you can find me on all social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter as: @trulyinspiredmartin

Share any resources that would be beneficial to readers

One very important resource for the season you are currently getting ready to walk into is my book, "Recrown You: The journey to restore, reset, and reclaim". In this book, I educate and empower women by taking you along a self-guided journey through my life to help you learn the true meaning of resilience by increasing your emotional intelligence. Grab your copy today at:

Thank you so much for reading this month's Survivor Feature. Our mission is not only to highlight these inspiring stories of others but also to raise awareness. We encourage you to please check out the cited sources below for more information and additional resources for anyone you know that might need it.


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